Microbial Genome

Microbial Genome

Amplicon Sequencing

Amplicon sequencing is frequently used to identify and differentiate microbial species. Short (< 500 bp) hypervariable regions of conserved genes or intergenic regions are amplified by PCR, analyzed using NGS technology, and the resulting sequences are compared against microbial databases.

For bacteria and archaea, the 16S rRNA gene is the most common target for amplicon sequencing. For fungi, three targets are generally used: the 18S rRNA gene, and two internal transcribed spacers (ITS) located between rRNA genes. These regions are usually sufficiently divergent to separate even highly related species, and can sometimes differentiate subspecies.

At NovogeneAIT, we have sequenced over 50,000 microbial samples for our customers. Our standard bioinformatics analyses include alpha-diversity analysis, OTU analysis, species annotation, beta-diversity analysis, and multi-variate statistical analysis. Applications range from identifying a single species in pure culture to characterizing the microbiota of animals or plants to comparing species diversity and population structure in various environmental sources or geographic regions. Our specialists can advise you on the appropriate analyses for your project.

Metagenomic Sequencing

In metagenomics, genomes from environmental samples are analyzed without the prior isolation and cultivation of individual species, and, therefore, it is a powerful technique for studying microbial communities in their natural habitat, with a broad range of applications. At Novogene, our customers can rely on our expertise in NGS to help them explore the rich genetic repertoire of microbial communities, while also benefiting from our bioinformatics expertise to help identify the species, genes, and pathways represented in their samples. NovogeneAIT provides metagenomic sequencing service with Illumina HiSeq platform and assembly-first strategy, and our bioinformatics analyses provide gene predictions, function annotations, and taxonomic annotations. Our standard analysis package includes mPATH, heatmaps, PCA, cluster analysis and other programs, generating high-quality, publication-ready data.

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